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about naturally wye

What we do

We produce a range of products to refresh, rebalance and restore the wellbeing of your skin.

Our products are entirely made from plant based materials, natural clays and salts with absolutely no synthetic ingredients or additives.

How it came about

During my work as a holistic therapist over the last 15 years I have endeavoured to use as natural products as possible with my clients.  Only using pure oils for massage was straightforward. For reflexology however often a cream is more suitable for use on feet. That became more of a challenge.

In order to make a skin cream you have to make an emulsification of oil, wax and –crucially- water.  While the water content is what makes a cream sink into the skin it is also what necessitates the need for broad spectrum preservatives, otherwise the growth of potentially dangerous bacteria is the result.

The only option for me was to research, experiment and eventually develop some butters and balms to use. They leave skin with a protective layer that lasts all day. Superb for feet, legs, elbows, in fact all over, except your face. They were just too heavy for use there.

Learning about oil cleansing was a complete revelation to me. The feeling of my skin feeling clean, like it could breathe again, but at the same time not dried out and stripped, was just wonderful. 

After discovering oil cleansing I should have been less sceptical about using an oil based serum as a replacement for moisturiser. Surely oils would just sit on my skin? Wouldn’t they cause a breakout? The answer, after more research, was ‘dry oil’. Blending a combination of dry oils together gave me a serum that sank into my skin, moisturising but without leaving greasiness.

Developing grains for when I needed deep cleansing then gave me a complete range of products that happily replaced all of the chemical, synthetic laden skincare that I used to rely on. 

I would like to share those with you.