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so serious serum (20ml)

so serious serum (20ml)

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So Serious (20ml)

Every single drop is nutrient rich, to an amazing level. Avocado for firming and strengthening, Broccoli seed for vitamin boost, Rosehip for radiance and softness, Borage for restoring balance, Sea Buckthorn for hydration, elasticity and regeneration, finally Prickly Pear seed for vitamin E, omega 6&9. All combining to a moisturising serum that is non greasy and easily absorbed.


Add a few drops to clean, dry skin and massage in

Especially suitable for dry or mature skin

Unfragranced * as a blend of natural oils they will each have their own unique fragrance, but nothing else is added



Avocado oil, broccoli seed oil, rosehip oil, borage seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, prickly pear seed oil, grapefruit seed extract.